oscarliving – New year is the time for new interior colors, right? Changing the color of the interior means you are ready to change the mood of your living room. Don’t let you choose interior colors that are wrong and make you disappointed. Take it easy, Mimin has some color recommendations for the living room. Now here are the 5 Best Interior colors in 2019!

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Creamy colors that are warm and inviting like hazelnut colors will definitely never be outdated. In order for your hazelnut to look beautiful, do a quick survey from room to room and consider which room needs to be enlightened. Choose a room that has more light in it because hazelnut is very good for reflecting natural light. So it’s not surprising, this color will help your room look bigger than usual.

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Although gray is one of the most classic paint colors when looking for modern alternatives to neutral paint color ideas. Lilac can also function to make gray appear warmer, more neutral, and cheerful. Now because more people choose gray paint as their interior paint, lilac will be a good alternative color to refresh the room.

source: home-designing.com

Dark green

This dark green trend can work to give the impression of fertile plants and nature in your home. Green paint color ideas will be very suitable if applied in large rooms that are bright because the intensity can beat small spaces and make it look darker. Don’t forget, when considering choosing the latest paint colors in your home, think about your lifestyle, tastes, and direction of design, because not all paint color trends will suit your taste.

source: dreamingcroatia.com

Blue Ice

For casual colors, you can choose ice blue for a smooth color display. This easy blue color will give the appearance of a cool atmosphere for hot weather. Sometimes the eyes can deceive our brain right?