Later the trend for furniture leads to a minimalist model, this is also supported by the growth of property in the country with a minimalist and simple form of house. This can be understood because some of the needs for this furniture are adjusted also with the form of a minimalist and simple house.

Minimalist furniture is synonymous with color games and additional accessories that are not wood, can be made of iron, aluminum, glass or plastic. In addition to adding accessories from other materials, minimalist furniture is also synonymous with attractive and attractive color combinations. The use of the main ingredients in a minimalist model of furniture in the form of wood or particle board is reduced compared to classic model furniture.

Components of accessories that are not wood or particle board are usually used in certain parts of a furniture product. Dining table legs, foot coffe table, chair legs usually use iron or aluminum. With the addition of these variations, it can add artistic value to the product, although not all are made from solid wood. Besides the reasons for variation, the combination of these ingredients is also to save some of the main raw materials. As is known, the raw material for solid wood is increasingly difficult. The combination of these ingredients is one way to get around this.

Maybe for some people who are still fanatical about solid wood furniture, the products of these materials are not their main choice. Because after all it is undeniable that most people know the quality of teak. However, the difficulty of teak makes many furniture manufacturers try to divert their products by using other types of wood which are of a quality and value that cannot be compared. The teak population itself is getting more and more difficult, which has an impact on the high price of teak wood, making it difficult for the wider community to reach.

Minimalist furniture usually uses various types of wood that have a sufficient level of hardness and sometimes even use Particle Board material. In the end for the minimalist furniture sold are models, designs, variations and other accessories. Maybe never imagined if teak wood is formed into minimalist furniture, then the value and quality of teak will never appear. Most furniture with teak wood further emphasizes the classic model with the natural color of teak wood, precisely from there it looks how good the teak wood is, starting from the fiber contours and colors. Never before has teak wood been used for furniture with a minimalist model.