When the house fence looks boring, it’s time for Oscar’s friends to make a new atmosphere. There are various creative home fences that can be used as inspiration for your home’s fence. Like the 5 most creative and unique examples of house fences below. Let’s see how cool the 5 unique fences are below:

House Aquarium Fence

Maybe you can make this house fence ideas inspire your future home fence, friend of Oscar. Especially you who might have a lot of money but still wondering what to do with the amount of your money. Like one of the wealthy entrepreneurs from Turkey named Mehmet Ali Gökçeo? Lu. He succeeded in realizing his dream of replacing his house fence into a large and long aquarium. Obviously don’t ask how much it costs. He said this aquarium fence costs up to millions of dollars. This 50-meter long aquarium has 1000 fish and also some octopus. Wow, if in Indonesia, hopefully there is no thief of these beautiful fish for lunch hihi.

Cactus House Fence

The solution besides the house fence with spiked iron? Maybe the cactus house fence is the answer. This fence is made of cactus plants which are planted so that they live close together. Usually built with the addition of a thorny frame that surrounds them to grow as desired. The advantage of this fence is that it clearly can grow and reproduce even with a little water and survive whatever the conditions. To be sure, the cactus fence is a good solution to drive away thieves. Just imagine, what would it be like if someone forced to climb through this cactus fence? The pain of the thorns is inconceivable!

Iron House Fence

Not all iron house fences look boring. Oscar’s friends can pour your imagination into the fence of your own house. For example, this iron house fence from Dublin. The owner managed to deliver his dream that imagined a dragon guarding his house from the outside. Not only protects your home, this fence will certainly attract many eyes that will continue to glance at your house. Just be careful! It could have been so interesting that your house made some bad people think of committing a crime there.

Pencil House Fence

If you see it from afar, indeed this pencil fence only looks like a wooden fence with color variations. If close? Even you will be confused to distinguish between fake and original pencils. This wooden fence with a pencil model will be loved by children. They are with something colorful and interesting. No wonder, this model is often used as a fence for children’s playgrounds.

Flower House Fence

Terakhi is Oscar’s best friend, the idea of ​​a house fence that looks simple but naturally beautiful is of course a flowering house fence. White fences with various ornamental flower plants are very tempting eyes right? Not only does it help your house look waw, the house will be fragrant. Of course you have to take extra care of these plants to always look healthy. The idea of ​​this fence is not recommended for those of you who might have homes in crowded areas. Do not want the beautiful plants that you have cared for to be exhausted and even destroyed by the children, right?